Demdike Stare – The Weight Of Culture (A)

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Neu & frisch.
Vatican Shadow | Samuel Kerridge | Talker | Silent Servant | Haxan Cloak | The KVB | Pleasure Symbols | Future Holograms | Zelienople | Tropic of Cancer | Matt Jenik | Inga Copeland | …

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vier jahre.

artist: ‚k“
title: the.44 (sub.pod.96)
style: downtempo, dub micro techno
year: 2013
playlist & download:
artist webpage:

subspiele: why did you call the mix “the .44″ ?
‘k’’: i’m currently reading, this year for the second time, paul schrader’s “taxi driver”. travis bickle buys some weapons at brooklyn corner. during this purchase he acquires a pistol, a .44 magnum. so, this weapon constantly plays a role throughout the rest of book, so it stuck to my memory..

subspiele: where did you record the mix ?
‘k’’: the podcast has been recorded in my flat in cologne, on a rainy evening.

subspiele: which is the song that you recently liked the most ?
‘k’’: this is difficult. maybe the remix of ping (hauschka)… as well rainer veil’s “vield”, but it’s not necessarily just the one song, rather the whole ep on modern love.

subspiele: how do you feel now ?
‘k’’: i’m feeling good, a bit stressed, but good. i really look forward to the summer, finally with lovely weather – with the possibility to sit in the park and listen to some good music.

subspiele: how should it go on ?
‘k’’: well, I would like to spend more time in making music again, meeting friends, playing some vinyl, drinking beer and malt, hanging around.

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Hecker. 2004.

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In case you missed it, now streaming on NTS Radio: Taylor Burch of DVA Damas takes over Cry Later with a live dub set from the studio in LA. Get it while it’s good

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CHURCH012 – „Saw You For The First Time“ LP…

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Skor für A. Johnson. Prodigy – Mobb Deep.


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One of the joys of being nearly 70 mixes into the isolatedmix series, is reflecting upon the many styles of mixes that artists have contributed. Straight-up playlist style curations, conceptual approaches, perfectly key-matched transitions, DJ mixes, genre or style showcases, or in the following instance, extensive, thoughtful journeys into a wide spectrum of influences.

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