Wolfgang Voigt’s music as Gas is about nostalgia and childhood, based on his memories of wandering the forests around Cologne. Built around a deep, steady thrum and orchestral samples, the music has a soft, cocooned feel to it, as if enclosed by coniferous trees and mossy ground. When Voigt revived the project with last year’s Narkopop, the idea was the same, but the delivery was different: the music felt darker, and some fencing could be seen on the cover’s otherwise natural landscape. It was meant to show, perhaps, man beginning to impose on the sanctity of the forest. The album reflected a kind of lost innocence. Though Rausch’s cover features no such intrusions, the music has a new, rumbling sort of dread to it. Across the hour-long LP, split into seven seamless movements, Voigt introduces dissonance and anxiety into a world that once seemed welcoming. „

Rausch erschien am 17. Mai. Ob ich das Album bis heute gehört habe? Wahrscheinlich nicht, folgt aber ganz sicher.

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choice. 5 und 6.

Nun endlich online auf unserer mixcloud, die beiden vergangenen Sendungen aus April und Mai.
Im April mit unserem Gast Jan Stollenwerk (Teil der legendären jvbr-Crew), einem Mini-Interview mit joerg mueller nebst Vorstellung seines neuen Albums. Die Aufnahme von gestern, der Mai-Sendung, im Umfang von 3 Stunden und der Möglichkeit sich das Ganze als Video-Review über die facebook-Seite anzusehen.

Die nächste Sendung, dann erneut mit Videostream und bereits ab 19:00 Uhr, folgt am 19. Juni.

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„Exclusive track taken from the upcoming album ‚Mirall‘ released through Sonic Pieces…

Following the intimate but epic Vora from 2013, Rauelsson is back and in grand form with the utterly captivating Mirall, his second full-length album for Sonic Pieces. The new record continues the lush landscapes of earlier times while moving his sound into a feast of organic beats and textural dynamism.

Among the novel elements there’s a great sense of joy and upbeat moments scattered throughout the album, mirroring its melancholic base. This combination feels very natural and merges perfectly with the overall majestic sound. Raúl also blends an impressive array of instruments and genres while still reflecting his personal and somewhat secretive presence. The producer lives on the Spanish coast in a rather detached way from any online presence, focusing on family life and the real sense of humanity. This feeling vibrates through the sound of Mirall making for a very emotional venture.

Expect to hear organs, synths, tape-loops, clarinet, strings, piano and percussion, just to name a few key sounds present on this record, all compiled and produced with a passionate taste for acoustic experimentation. This sense of sonic open-mindedness was skillfully amplified by Nils Frahm’s studio work, who mixed and mastered Mirall. The album finishes off with a surprising unaccompanied lullaby, interpreted by Heather Woods Broderick. Rauelsson delivers another timeless album we already can’t wait to re-visit again and again.

Rauelsson – Mirall

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soon. ‚k“. a new headphone commute podcast. …

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Gut, sehr gut.

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a grain of salt.

Techno. Ende Neunziger bis Irgendwann. Downwards, Tresor, Axis, Element Com.. so etwas.
Ausschließlich Schallplatten, keine Effekte. Mixfehler inklusive. Viel Spaß.

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